Recent Agricultural development in Iraq

In the field of agriculture and water resources over the past decade has been significant. Numerous and diverse  projects have been implemented, ranging from pumping stations for clean water, irrigation development and cottage industries to livestock rehabilitation, transboundary disease control, food safety and seed industry legislation. It has been able to implement the latest technological advances in the seed, fish and livestock sectors across the country and has assisted in a comprehensive food insecurity analysis. Interventions have also aided the establishment of agricultural research institutions for animal health, food safety check points, crops and palm tree cultivation and water resources. Provision of technical expertise and essential inputs, especially during periods of war, civil unrest and economic sanctions, has been constant.


Highlights of Dutch farming potential

Though the Netherlands are a very small country which is at the same time densily populated, the Dutch dispose of a remarkably large agricultural sector. In fact the Netherlands are – measured by the economic value – the third exporting nation in the world in the field of agricultaral products and services.

Here below a short survey of some highlights of Dutch agricultural prowess:

  • Rice and wheatculture:

A considarable part of the Dutch territory is situated below sealevel, which means that the Dutch have to cope with an intense effort to keep dry feet. In concequence a very high standard of watermanagement technology has been developed through the ages. This same proficiency in regulating the waterlevels in agricultural area’s can be profitable when growing rice, a crop that can only thrive in wet circumstances and that depends on the adequate watersupply on the right moment. In the meantime, the northern and central regions of the Netherlands have always been vast and highyealding wheatfields. Dutch growers have intensily improved wheatvarieties through the ages and as a result there are now varieties of wheatseed suited for bakery as well as industrial processing (pasta’s, cattlenurture).

  • Sustainable soilmanagement and organic farming.

After ages of very high and ever rising productionmarks and stunning crops up to more than ten tons of wheat per hectare, there is a growing awareness that sustainability of soil fertility is to be payed more attention to. Therefore the Dutch have developed impressive knowhow of sustainable soilmanagement and organic farming.

  • High quality dairy cattle
  • Excellent dairyprocessing
  • Foodtechnology


Link to Iraqi ministery of Agriculture

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